Brookover Leadership Development & Consulting is a creative consulting firm that works with leaders of congregations and other not-for-profits on matters relating to internal culture and external environments. The service includes vision and identity renewal, mission statements, conflict intervention, staffing decisions, and tactical plans. BLD&C is also available for:

  • Leadership assessments and capital funds consultations
  • Coaching of senior leaders and staff team or boards
  • Workshops and retreats that can be custom designed
  • Seminars on a variety of leadership concepts and strategies

Culture Diagnosis

  • Assessing the “ethos” that prevails in the internal workings of a system
  • Analyzing the “formal” and “informal” decision-making processes used
  • Discerning the actual vs. declared relationships between staff and constituents
  • Reviewing the utilization of resources including finances, equipment and facilities
  • Recommending adjustments in relational and functional matters

Context Analysis

  • Collecting internal and external demographics
  • Reviewing traffic patterns, geographic considerations and community development
  • Interviewing community leaders (government, education, social service and business)
  • Assessing the present vitality and future prospects of the surrounding community

Vision Renewal

  • Coaching a process that solicits constituent participation in a renewal activity
  • Facilitating events that result in renewed identity and target destinations
  • Teaching renewal as progress rather than only as change

Mission Empowerment

  • Engaging paid and volunteer leaders in projects that lead to action plans
  • Recommending resource development activities that will secure increased funds
  • Establishing staff and board development strategies that enrich leaders in their roles
  • Coaching senior leaders, staff teams and boards for effective leadership

Brookover Leadership Development & Consulting also provides resource development services in several ways:

Capital Funds Campaigns

Brookover Leadership offers stewardship assistance for capital funds campaigns for major projects and special needs. The name of the effective process is In Joy and Thanksgiving (or In Joy) that is a proven stewardship education ministry that can be utilized for funds appeals for new construction, renovation or debt reduction capital needs. The process may also be used to secure funds for special projects such as enriching or increasing programs or for adding staff.

The consultant works with a steering committee to develop a case statement and the printed materials that are used in implementing the several phases of the In Joy process for educating and motivating members and friends to contribute. During the In Joy process the congregation will be engaged in activities such as focus groups, prayer vigils, temple talks, telephone banks, visitor training, home visits, other events designed by the steering committee and a final thanksgiving celebration.

The In Joy process has been used by nearly two dozen Texas Protestant congregations in the last decade. Those who follow the plan have achieved very satisfying results in both the number and level of responses in a positive atmosphere.

An In Joy stewardship campaign requires a minimum of five months from the time that a conregation votes to employ the consultant until the Thanksgiving Celebration at the conclusion of the appeal. The stewardship consultant meets with the congregation’s leaders at least ten (10) times from the beginning of the project.

The fee for the In Joy process is based upon a percentage of the final campaign goal that the Steering Committee and congregation approve as reasonable and achievable for that specific setting. The consultant is also reimbursed for normal and customary expenses related to coaching the congregation’s leadership team. The consultant is available for twelve months after the Thanksgiving Celebration at no additional fee other than the necessary and appropriate expenses related to travel and administration.

Stewardship Education

BLD&C offers consultations for the development of a process that will make stewardship education a year-round project rather than only an “annual plege campaign”. A portion of the consultant’s work can be devoted to assisting the congregation develop a planned giving ministry that includes wills, bequests and estate planning.

The consultant’s stewardship education services also include a thorough audit of the stewardship history of the congregation including the ways that the constituents talk about money and its impact upon their spiritual realities.

The fee for this service will be negotiated based upon the time required to meet the purpose and objectives set by the congregation.