Successful Delegation

This edition of Mentor Online is adapted from Delegating for Maximum Rewards by Bob Nelson, Ph.D.

Tips for successful delegating in leading employees & volunteers:

Communicate the task. Describe exactly what you want done, when you want it done and what end results you expect.

Furnish context for the task. Explain why the task needs to be done, its importance in the overall scheme of things and possible complications that may arise.

Determine standards. Agree on realistic and attainable standards that you will use to measure the success of a task’s completion.

Grant authority. You must give employees and volunteers the authority they need to complete the task without constant roadblocks or standoffs with other employees.

Provide support. Provide the resources that your employees and volunteers need to complete the task. Successfully completing an assignment may require money, training, advice and other resources.

Get commitment. Make sure that your employees and volunteers have accepted the assignment. Confirm your expectations and the employees’ or volunteers’ understanding of and commitment to completing the task.

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