Lessons on Leadership from Kraft’s “Big Cheese”

This edition of Mentor Online is adapted from an article in the Sams Club magazine.

Betsy Holden, a co-CEO at Kraft Foods, shares her insight for key leaders in organizations.

Finding the shoe that fits — The keys to job satisfaction are passion, fit and fulfillment. Find a job that fits your skill set and gives you fulfillment in building the organization and seeing it grow forward.

Broaden your business experience — Gain deeper insights into a variety of functions that are required in the organization to broaden your experience. Seeing any enterprise from different perspectives will help you understand the overall needs of the system and not just the need for your skill set. Taking on a task that tests you is advisable.

Maximizing family time — Try to do things away from the job that achieve multiple goals at the same time. Volunteering together and sharing the time with your family will bring not only the satisfaction of making a difference in the world, but will also enhance the bonding in the family system. This insight is not just a different spin on the “quality vs. quantity” dichotomy; what is promoted is family time that is focused on more than only focused on entertainment.

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