The Essential Characteristics of Successful Leaders: Think V.I.P.

This edition of Mentor Online is adapted from an article in the Sams Club magazine.

Vision This attribute of leadership is not a matter of crafting something that is dreamy or wishful in nature. Neither is vision about arriving at a final destination. Rather vision is about a legacy, image or impact upon constituents, a community or upon gaining a “brand identity”. It is vital that the leader has a sense of where to take the organization so tht it is clear that all of the available energy and time are invested in growing forward the people and system more than in preservation of the status quo or status ante.

Innovation — This attribute of leadership is about being comfortable with novelty, the entrepreneur’s role and “coloring outside the lines”. The leader is encouraged to model a spirit of whimsy more so than maintenance of traditions and rituals from the past.

Passion — This attribute of leadership centers on what motivates the person at the top of the pecking-order to drive or motivate the system to be more effective or faithful to its core values and mission imperative.

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