How to Create the Team That No One Can Beat

This edition of Mentor Online is borrowed from Think Like a Champion: Building Success One Victory at a Time, by Mike Shannahan.

Mike Shannahan, a professional football coach, used these 15 principles for creating a winning team on, or in, any field:

    1. Teams matter more than individuals.
    2. Every job is important.
    3. Treat everyone with respect.
    4. Share both victories and defeats.
    5. Accept criticism.
    6. Keep the boss (leader) well-informed.
    7. Focus on your work ethic, not that of others’.
    8. Allow for differences of style.
    9. Be more creative than predictable.
    10. Let go of failed ideas
    11. Let go of failed ideas.
    12. Employ structure and order.
    13. Reward those who produce.
    14. Keep your employees fresh.
  1. Protect your system.

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