The Positive Ways Leaders Influence People

This edition of Mentor Online is adapted from an item by Dick Biggs in Executive Leadership.

Leadership is about influence with regard to the attitudes and actions of those that the leader is responsible for leading. Here are four primary leadership styles that leaders can project that have a positive influence on people:

  • Negotiator – This is the most common form of influence in the portfolio of 21st century leaders. This effective style of leading models a “give and take” method of motivating.
  • Persuader – This style of influencing others is powerful in so far as goals and objectives are met because the individual or work group comes to believe that it is in their best interest to assist with accomplishing the mission.
  • Educator – The teacher, coach or mentor influences people with rational thinking about the mission, goals and objectives. Preparation is the secret of this style of influencing people.
  • Motivator – The leader that inspires is the highest form of influencing the outcomes of those being motivated. A combination of emotional and logical techniques must be mastered for this style to be effective.

Each of these styles has can have a place in the portfolio of the 21st century leader. Each of the styles is actually based upon an understanding of what motivates persons. Each of these three positive influences is a motivator.

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